SRBG has a total number of 172 innovative work methods, including 9 national work methods and 163 provincial work methods, and owns 162 patents, including 40 invention patents and 122 utility model patents. The representative work methods and patents are:


construction method of vertical lifting of arch rib of concrete-filled steel tubes arch bridge in mountainous area


 construction method of half-buried tunneling of unsymmetrial loading tunnel

集团  悬索桥边跨无索区钢箱梁安装施工工法.jpg

installation method of steel box girder of side span non-cable area of suspension bridge

集团  悬索桥钢箱梁运梁船海上动力定位施工工法.jpg

marine dynamic positioning method of steel box girder ship of suspension bridge


construction method of #0 block of PC cable-stayed bridge with front fulcrum hanging basket


 construction method of tunnel prestressed anchorage in soft rock


automatic traveling method of hydraulic cable hoist for suspension bridge

新文档 2018-08-08 (1)_5.jpg

blasting method for extra-long tunnel

新文档 2018-08-08 (1)_6.jpg

construction method of prefabrication and assembly of short-segment full-section box girder

新文档 2018-08-08.jpg

 construction method of lime soil roadbed through plant mixing

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